Scott Creek Spritzy Dot Com

born: 03.05.2008 | 30.5″
colour: chestnut

Scott Creek Spritzy Dot Com, or “Knöpfchen” (little button) as we call her -small, but mighty – is a force to be reckoned with! She got her nickname for her toy-like appearance with the most singularly cute face with enchanting beady eyes. Even though she is only 30.5″ tiny, she has correct and rather long legs, a slim body and an elegant swan-neck inherited from her World Champion father: Scott Creek Monarch Commotion. Her pedigree carries top and bottom the horses that have made the success story that is Scott Creek Farm: Sierra Dawn Unos Monarch, Brewers Orion Mystic, Orion Light Vant Huttenest. All of them World Champions and/or World Champion Producers.
In matters of movement “knöpfchen”, too, leaves nothing to be desired and loves to fly across the meadows with her tail flagged. A video of her as a two-year-old, still in the US, can be found here.
Knöpfchen’s first foal by JSW Dancing Deed is a dainty black filly and I hope for more dream foals out of her with my stallions. She possibly carries a pinto gene.


Full pedigree here


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