Little Kings Sabrina Buckeroo

born: 22.03.1999 | 31,5″ (80cm)
Colour: chestnut with flaxen mane and tail

I have always admired the horses bred by the Little Kings Farm, so when the opportunity came to own one of their horses I didn’t think twice. Ruby, as I call her, is a little gem with her elegant head, dainty body and beautiful long, blonde mane. Her character is wonderful and she loves lots of attention and cuddles.
She has travelled a bit in her life and has been shown in her youth. Now she can enjoy the good life as one of my treasured broodmares.
Her father is THE stallion of the miniature world – Boones Little Buckeroo, who sadly passed away in 2011 aged 33 years old. On her mother’s side Ruby is a granddaughter of Komokos Little King Supreme, who was only 27.5” tiny. He himself was a son of Komokos Little Husseler. Both have produced National Champions and National Grand Champions.
Ruby’s grandmother Little Kings Belle O Buckeroo is again a daughter of Boones Little Buckeroo, which makes Ruby 62.5% Buckeroo bred. Truely a little gemstone.


Full pedigree here


2015: AQM Cocoas Wings Of Dawn (Sire: Ridgehavens Cocoa)
2007: GLS A Buck On Top (Sire: Hartins Tinker Toy4U)